LL Cool J Shows Off…And Gives Love To Jews In Beverly Hills!


Success has been great for Queens, New York rapper LL Cool J.

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” star was spotted flossing out in Beverly Hills, California with his usual Hip-Hop swag.

LL, who created the #1 charting Hip-Hop cruising anthem “The Boomin System” back in 1990, hit the streets of Beverly Hills to remind folks he’s not slouching.

On a side note, LL was out rolling in Beverly Hills because he was a surprise guest at an event for a trauma search event hosted by the Ulmer Institute. LL mingled with prominent members of the African-American and Jewish communities to share information on trauma relief.

Even though LL said he’s yet to visit Israel, he told the audience Jewish people were instrumental in his successful career.

“I’m from New York maybe it’s not fair for me to talk about that because it’s real naturally normal to me to have Jewish friends, it’s just part of it. My grandfather was from the Bronx, he came home with gefilte fish every week. I mean, I didn’t like it, no disrespect, but I loved him, it wasn’t my thing, but I always had great Jewish friends.

“They’ve been good to me, they’ve been good to me in my life too, even my agents, and that kind of seems stereotypical but I’m even talking about non-executive types, like Rick, who was a producer and Lyor Cohen who was a concert promoter and my friends Mark and Eugene, in New York, who own restaurants, creative guys, just always been there, it’s natural.”

You know LL’s thankful for this custom whip: