Is Lonzo Ball Trying His Luck With Rap?


(AllHipHop Rumors) For some reason the athletes always want to be the rappers and the rappers always want to be the athletes.

Well it looks like Lonzo Ball is trying to take over the Hip Hop game because he certainly won’t be taking over the sneaker game anytime soon. LOL.

Lonzo has decided to rap under the stage name of ZO2 which is the same name as his sneaker…….well because branding duh!

The funny thing is dude isn’t terrible, but he isn’t great either. I certainly wouldn’t listen again.

Ball freestyles over a beat from Drake’s “Free Smoke”. Well take a listen and let us know if you think he’ll have a promising career off the court in music. LOL.

You know next week LaVar Ball will be comparing him to the likes of Tupac, and Kendrick Lamar. SMH. Carry on!

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