Do The Cops Have The Right Person In Alpo’s Murder?

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Cam’ron in Paid in Full told the story of Alpo Martinez, but the story is still unraveling.

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You never know these days, but reports say that the killer of Alpo Martinez has been found. But they really didn’t “catch” him as my headline says. The suspect was already in jail!

Alberto “Alpo” Martinez was living his outrageous life when he was hit in Harlem on Oct. 31. Well, some people mourned and others were indifferent. Either way, the controversial street figure was taken out. Cops say they have the killer.

Shakeem Parker, 27, also a Harlem native was already residing in Rikers Island on another gun case, when he was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Detectives made this determination through their investigation.

Shortly after killing Alpo, the cops say, he got a gun possession case, which lead him to Riker Island (which I thought was closing). Parker has prior arrests for burglary, robbery and drug possession, police said.

This is in the rumors section, because I am no so sure I believe this! I am trying to connect the dots betweent this 27 year old with burglary, robbery and drug possession in his past to being a shooter in a HIT!

Alpo was a 55-year old former drug lord and informant, but his era was the 80s.

He was shot on Frederick Douglass Boulevard and drove his truck several blocks until he crashed it into numerous parked vehicles…right across from NYPD Police Service. WOW. You can’t make this up.

And yet, I am trying to figure out how dude makes that big leap. NYC is much different than back in the day. 1) Cameras are everywhere. 2) The cops are like a military. 3) The drug dealing game is not the same. So, I am dialed in to see if they are going to provide some video evidence or is it going to be something else…we can’t see.

Stay tuned.

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