Looks Like Kendrick Lamar Had A Shot With Erykah Badu, As Friends

No Relationship Here.

Badu ain’t heard from Kendrick. The Internets scared Kendrick Lamar to Erykah Badu! I know what happened, because I can see what I would do. Kendrick had a girl he intended to marry. He’s engaged now. Badu is known to put a mojo on rappers. Jay Elec. Andre 3000. The D.O.C. Common. And Kendrick saw all those comments about Badu’s special powers and got scared!! Look at her! She’s bad!

However, in a series of tweets, it seems like Erykah feels a way about Kendrick not hitting her up.


Look at that look in the homie’s eyes in that picture. He got the F outta there! He knew what was up!