Love & Hip Hop’s Masika Accuses Fetty Wap of Being A “Social Media” Dad


Rappers and their baby mama drama!!! Fetty Wap is at it again with one of his baby mamas, Love & Hip Hop’s Masika. Fetty & Masika couldn’t get along for much of Masika’s pregnancy, and the two seemed to have a 12th hour reconciliation right before baby Khari’s birth. As Fetty continued to hop around between his baby mamas, “day ones”, girlfriends, and sister wives, him and Masika’s relationship has gone sour again. The two jumped on Twitter to trade shots about bad parenting. Masika accused Fetty of being a deadbeat dad and a liar. Masika claims that Fetty isn’t involved in their daughter’s life, however just a few weeks ago she praised him for being a very involved father. Masika even went as far as to accuse him of being a social media father. Fetty told Masika that he never gave a f-ck about her. Ouch! A few screenshots and insults later, we have to wonder why this couldn’t be handled offline.