Lul Tim Might’ve Beat King Von Murder Charges—But Asian Doll Says He Didn’t Do It Anyway

Lul Timm

The main suspect in King Von’s murder case might not be a suspect at all.

Lil Durk and members of the O’Block family aren’t going to be happy if the news about the prime suspect in King Von’s murder case is true.

According to multiple reports, Quando Rondo’s close associate Lul Tim, who’s accused of fatally shooting King Von in November 2020, is no longer facing charges in the murder case. Word on the street is YouTube creator Mickey Truth broke the news the charges against were dropped after discovering prosecutors reportedly now classify Lul Tim’s actions as self-defense. All of this information has flooded social media after several new videos from the deadly altercation surfaced—seemingly providing evidence that King Von was assaulting Quando Rondo before he died.

While Mikey Truth is obviously not an official source from the State of Georgia criminal justice system, Mr. Truth claims he got his information from the Fulton County Magistrate. And while confirmation that the charges against Lul Tim have been dropped hasn’t been fully vetted yet, a search for Lul Tim’s government name in the Fulton County case records turns up no results.

However, according to King Von’s former girlfriend Asian Doll, the charges being dropped against Lul Tim weren’t a surprise to her—because she claims he didn’t even do it. As other reacted to the news, Asian Doll also took to Twitter (X) and said she’s leaning toward an unconfirmed theory that King Von was taken out by authorities.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to even consider Asian Doll’s conspiracy theory, mainly because there appears to be video clearly showing Lul Tim allegedly firing the shots that killed King Von. But in all honesty, I’m not sure what to believe. Did Lul Tim really beat the case? Was King Von a serial killer like all of these Chicago drill rap YouTubers are claiming? Has Asian Doll exposed one of the wildest Hip-Hop police conspiracies of 2023?

I guess only time will tell.