Lupe Fiasco Admits That Kendrick Lamar Makes Better Music Than Him


It’s clearly apparent that K. Dot is a beast, and now it looks like Lupe Fiasco is finally ready to admit that Kendrick Lamar makes better music than him.

Fiasco is no stranger to constantly expressing his opinion and debating with fans on Twitter. Lupe admitted that K. Dot was superior while engaging in a conversation with a fellow Twitter user (#TweetAndDeleteFiles).

Lupe replied to a fan saying Kendrick’s music is better by agreeing with the fan. Although he agreed, he did state that he believes that him and Kendrick are evenly matched when it comes to just the rapping.

“Musically no…straight up rapping tho? We might have to go to the judges on that…either way,” Lupe Fiasco said.

Unfortunately another Twitter user let Lupe know that he fell short with what he was supposed to accomplish with his career as he said Lupe was supposed to be what Kendrick is today.

“In 06 I believed you were supposed to be what Kendrick now is for the culture. You were supposed to be the voice what happen.”

As least Lupe is honest! Wouldn’t you love to see these two in a rap battle?

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