Lupe Fiasco Fires Back At Royce With “Steve Jobs”

Lupe Fiasco Fires Back At Royce With “Steve Jobs”

Goodness. The summer is half over, but there’s quite a lot more heat, I see. I have to say upfront, I underestimated Lupe Fiasco. Now, I like both these guys! They are both SUPERIOR RAPPERS and criminally underrated. If they did a song together, most people wouldn’t bat an eye. So…Lupe Fiasco responds to Royce’s diss, “Silence of the Lambda” within HOURS. Not only does he respond, but he name checks the song to let us know it wasn’t completely pre-written. Some have suggested that Lupe is simply free styling off the dome, which is why he was able to come out so fast. It does have that vibe so it may be a bit of both. Lupe’s “Steve Jobs” is here:

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If you can’t see the mastery here, you been watching too many URL gun bar battles. This sh#t is chess at WORST. I know Royce is in the War Room plotting the next move. I applaud Lupe, he’s came back at Royce far faster that I thought. He blazed back. Royce’s jab was super soft and I get it: that’s what you supposed to do. What he does next is what truly matters. He has by the end of the day. At BEST end of the week. This Lupe reply is the best diss in years for me.

Here is Royce’s:

Royce Da 5′ 9″ Releases Lupe Fiasco Diss “Silence Of The Lambda”