Is Lupe Fiasco Hating On Kendrick Lamar?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Everybody is going on and on and on about how dope that new Kendrick is. And it is dope, but there is a small, powerful undercurrent of people that say its not “all that.” Now Lupe Fiasco did not diss the album, but he did rate it. Since when did artists rate each other’s music? Anyway, he gave it an 8/10. I consider that a B- in terms of grades. Damn near a C. So, a lot of people have accused the Chi-Town spitter of hating a bit. And people online and even social media have said that Kendrick’s album is better than DROGAS, the Lupe album that dropped just this year. Just for the record, DROGAS got a nod as one of the best albums thus far this year.

Hmmmm…by the time I came to post this, Lupe deleted the tweets. Here’s what he said regardless.

Here is one I captured before he deleted. Some have suggested that Lupe was drunk or something.

What do you think?