Lyrics May Be Used Against NBA YoungBoy In Trial

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy may be in the fight of his life as prosecutors plan to use his lyrics against him in two cases, Cali and Baton Rouge.

A precedence may be set in the court room as NBA YoungBoy approaches trial.

The rapper is set to stand trial for gun charges in both California and Baton Rouge, Louisiana (his homeland) later this month. The rapper was one of 16 people arrested in Baton Rouge. There is an issue that seems to be in NBA’s favor.

There is a lack of physical evidence from the prosecution! But that has not stopped them from using other methods to convict the rapper. They want to use the lyrics he has recited in songs to be used against him. The rapper is charged with having a particular .45 caliber pistol and ammo, but they can’t show it. The only thing is, he raps about this specific gun -an FN .45 caliber pistol

The Rapper‘s legal team is trying to stop the government from using his lyrics in connection with the case in California. In two of his songs, he makes specific reference to this particular gun, which apparently is a bit irregular, per the authorities. I do now know a lot about guns, but I know they are going to use whatever they can against the young man.

Complex says “Gunsmoke” and “Life Support” are the two songs that are in question.

They are going to do whatever it takes!

Baton Rouge police accuse him of a number of drug charges in September 2020.

They are treading on deadly ground, I feel. I do not know what to make of it. Lyrics have always been controversial, but this use of them to get people incarcerated feels super racist! What do you think?