Mack Maine Objects To Gillie’s Lil Wayne Story BIG TIME!

Gillie and Lil Wayne

Gillie told a Lil Wayne story and Mack Maine stepped in and refuted it with a simple video.

It’s Friday the 13th so you know some foolishness has to happen. Recently Gillie The King was interviewed by Rock Topics aka Raquel Harper. And of course they had to talk about Lil Wayne. I didn’t see it until there was controversy. You know how I do it!

Anyway, Gillie talked about a recent encounter with the Young Money general at Jackson State University in which insinuated that Wayne left his presence abruptly. I don’t want to sprinkle my two cents but it almost sounded like there was a fear factor.

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But that could be an interpretation that was erroneous. Either way, Mac Maine who is STILL the president of Young Money quickly refuted it and basically made Gillie look like he exaggerated. All of this played out on the Internet of course, but it is what it is. The thing is, Mack did not talk about it, he brought the video.

A lot of people are going in on Gillie right now because the video evidence BUCKS his interpretation. All they did was shake hands. It’s a simple as that. Anything more is not being forthcoming.

That said, there are decades-old rumors about Gillie ghost writing for Wayne. However, nobody cares about that anymore that’s a long time ago. So hopefully this chapter is closed.

Philly Gillie is fully established on his own. Lil Wayne is a legend without a few peers and everybody’s happy!

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