Madonna Thinks Jay Z Can Get Her A White House Invitation?


Photo via Madonna’s Instagram

Madonna has let it be known that she is trying to get to the White House. In a recent interview with US Weekly’s Entertainment Director, Ian Drew, Madonna says she has never had the chance to meet President Barack Obama, but she would do whatever it takes to get an invitation to the White House. But does she really think her only chance to get an invitation is through one of Hip-Hop biggest moguls?

Madonna told US Weekly:

The person I most want to meet is President Obama. When the heck am I going to meet him? He just needs to invite me to the White House already. He probably thinks I’m too shocking to be there. I’m serious. If I was a little bit more demure…or if I was just married to Jay Z. Hey, if Jay would only take me as his second wife, then I’d score an invitation.