Maino Calls Out Adrien Broner For Being A Joke!


A pretty disappointing video of boxer Adrien Broner throwing money in a Wal-mart recently spread across the net. Whether it was a joke or not, most were disgusted by his childish and arrogant behavior. A cashier was giving Broner his change, and Broner threw the money up in the air after saying,

“He must not know. I’m AB I don’t need no change bruh.”

Maino wasn’t here for the BS as he posted,

“US unemployment sky high and n*ggaz throwing money in front of working folks waiting in line at a Walmart??? Smh me and @UncleMurda getting tired of you n*ggas! #Pu$$y #YellowTape #Brooklyn #KingKong&Godzilla ? @thisisazonevisual | @datnatikid”

Apparently Maino is tired of you “pssy nggas” and plans to release some new music with Uncle Murda about his frustration.