Maino Questions The Game’s Manager’s Gangsta!


The Game’s manager, Wack100, and rap veteran Maino certainly haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye on the Meek Mill and Game beef, and like everyone else, their feelings have spilled over to social media.

Wack singled out Maino on Instagram by accusing him of supporting both sides in this rap rival.

Maino wasn’t with the sh*ts so he took to Instagram to tell Wack that he felt like people in Brooklyn had no business being in a video about a beef that had nothing to do with them or Brooklyn.

Maino says that he and Wack had already had a conversation as men, so he couldn’t understand why if Wack heard something after the fact, why would he take to social media instead of calling him up?

Maino also told Wack that typing on the ‘gram isn’t gangsta at all, and he can certainly get that fade he’s apparently looking for.

Mannnnnn it’s so many people involved in this beef now. If it came down to it, who do you think would win in the fight between Wack and Maino?