Marlon Wayans Talks Spicy To Critics Of His Alabama River Boat Brawl Post: “Y’all Trippin'”

Marlon Wayans

Marlon had to let y’all know you got the wrong one today!

Marlon Wayans wants y’all to know you got him f###ed up if you think it was anything other than him being down with the brown. Wayans is facing backlash following his viral Instagram Story post where he appeared to address the Alabama riverboat brawl as “silly” while referencing Jason Aldean’s conservative summer smash “Small Town.”

Muthaf###as must’ve really gotten under Wayans’ skin if the brotha is not only speaking out but saying it with his whole chest like this, considering Marlon swiftly shared a minute-long video addressing the near-instantaneous disapproval of his comments.

“I woke up to a bunch of stupid-ass Google alerts from a bunch of stupid-ass sites misinterpreting my entire post,” Wayans said, gazing into the camera with his face screwed up. He continued, “Why the f### would I criticize Black people for defending themselves… I’m Black, the f###? Nobody knows irony anymore, HUH? Guess that just went out the window; that’s the irony of the song.”

Wayans didn’t stop cooking there, though. He continued to fish fry his haters while highlighting how toxic the hive mindset of social media can also be all at once. “Stupid a####,” he said before concluding, “That’s the thing about social media man, it’s not for interpretation. Y’all tripping, it makes no f###ing sense, none at all. I shouldn’t even address it, it’s that stupid. But you know, people want to make articles… interpretations. Do it. I don’t care. Black people know I love Black people, I’m Black.”

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Marlon Wayans simply captioned the post “Period” and might I add, point blank! Maybe his initial comments were muddy, but we should all be mature enough by now to know that Black babies get thrown out with the bath water on a daily—hence we gotta provide each other with some grace within the community.

At the end of the day, I can easily see why Wayans was frustrated to begin with. Being Black isn’t a Monolithic experience, and even though I’m with the whole “United Front” ideology, I’m not with tearing down individuals for their free thought.

Not to mention, we talking about one of the most iconic Black comedy professionals of multiple generations—like show brother Wayans some respect. This man gave us the classic Black family sitcom The Wayan’s Brothers and cultural spoof classic films such as Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Juice In The Hood. I gotta admit, I’m not with social media at all on this one—y’all can have several seats like my boy Marlon said!