Ma$e Floats Theory That James Harden Solely Answers To Lil Baby—Does He Have A Point?

Y’all know WHAM and The Beard gone rock till the wheels fall off!

Ma$e has a theory about NBA star James Harden and Lil Baby that is both hilarious and eerily on point—as much as it is hyperbole.

In a recent episode of he and Cam’ron’s sports talk show, It Is What It Is, Cam and Ma$e shared their thoughts on Harden’s current trade standoff with the Philadelphia 76ers. The talk of the town surrounding the NBA this summer centered around Harden’s alleged trade request from the 76ers amid his tumultuous relationship with the Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey.

Even though Harden reportedly arrived in Colorado this week to begin practicing with the team during their training camp, multiple reports allege the 34-year-old All-Star has plans to force a trade.

Keep in mind, Harden has previously forced himself to be traded from the Rockets to the Nets and then forced another trade again to land himself on the Sixers roster. Ma$e appeared to allude to Harden’s ego as he began his remarks stating, “A lot of the top athletes are sassy, they just don’t know it,” he said in part. “Don’t make me go into the list, but a lot of the people that they think—it’s not our type of alpha its some new-day thing.”

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When asked who he thinks Harden actually has respect for in the league, considering his relationship has seemingly soured with stars such as Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, Ma$e unloaded, proclaiming, “Oh he respect Lil Baby—that’s who he respect.” He continued while laughing the statement off, “Shout out to Lil Baby and everybody in the ATL, but we just being honest—he bought him a $300,000 watch, that’s who he honors.”

Ma$e finished his rant off with the bold claim, “He would get on a plane for Lil Baby if he had to.” While it’s clear he’s somewhat trolling just to give both Baby and Harden a hard time, there is some truth to what he said. There were rumors several years back that Harden flew to Paris Fashion Week with Lil Baby instead of hitting training camp with the Rockets. Harden also recently was pictured with Baby at Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July party and Baby is frequently courtside at his games.

Maybe the Sixers should hire Lil Baby as a global ambassador just to keep Harden happy.