Mase Responds To Cam’ron’s Preacher Claims


(AllHipHop Rumors) This is weird. For those that don’t know, Mase and Cam used to rap together. They, along with Big L & Herb McGruff, were in a group called Children of the Corn. Harlem World! Anyway, recently Cam’ron made some accusations against Mase that pretty much stand today. Back in the heavy beef days of Big and Pac…Mase suddenly turned to God. Some speculated that Mase was getting extorted heavily in Harlem and the Bad Boy/Death Row stuff took its toll. He wasn’t about that life at that time. That is very understandable – IT WAS CRAZY! So, Cam’ron basically jumped on and said what has been said for a long time.

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Now I watched this whole video so you don’t have to. It is not interesting at all. Its Mase driving around and addressing folks on his social media. “One thing people can’t say is that I’m scared,” in response to Cam’ron and a bunch of slow laughing. Mase has never been wack though. So he said repeatedly that he’s going to drop some new music very soon and not in months either. Maybe he can give Drake a run.

Nevertheless, this was the most boring 15 minutes of my life. Actually, 13. I stopped when some rap video came on.

Here is the whole Children of the Corn and Harlem World in an epic 12-min freestyle.