Master P Believes Kobe Bryant & The Kardashians Are Phony & Could’ve Saved Lamar Odom Long Ago


Master P is not here for Kobe Bryant and the Kardashians display of emotions about Lamar Odom being found unconscious. He feels like they all could’ve done something long ago. When asked by TMZ if he thought Kobe and the Kardashians visiting Odom in the hospital was for publicity, Master P replied saying,

“It looks like it. I come from the streets; I keep it real. If you are my friend if you cared about me that much why you didn’t get him in the training camp.”

Many have been saying the people closest to Odom should have and could’ve intervened long before it got to this point. P also faults Kobe for not using his clout to get Odom back on the team with the Lakers. He also feels like Odom was blackballed from the league for his decision to appear on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, when the league wanted nothing to do with the family. Do you think Kobe & The Kardashians efforts and displays of emotion are sincere, or are they merely phony acts? Click HERE to watch the video.