Is Master P Starting His Own Universe With “King of the South” On A Major Network?

MAster P

Master P is back with another one! This time: “The King of The South!”

We have seen what 50 Cent has done in the music and TV space. Master P did that many moons ago with his immensely popular films like “Bout It, Bout It.” However, that has been decades ago at this point. He has been on TV numerous times, most notably on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. Now, it looks like Master P is back for everything that we know him for, including the music. “King of the South” is a new show that Master P will be pushing out to the public widely. It’s not ready yet, but what has ever stopped him from moving anyway? He’s got a new song of the same title that will be the theme song to the new TV series.

From what I am hearing, this is the beginning of a lot of TV that Master P will be promoting through this one show. A whole Hip-Hop Universe? We shall soon see! In the meantime, he talked to AllHipHop and let the people know what was what with the show as well as the music.

The music mogul and entrepreneur said, “It has been a while since I’ve been in the recording studio but after doing a deal with Deon Taylor and Hidden Empire Film Group to tell my life story in the “King of the South” TV series, I felt that I had to go and make another classic. I created a new style of Hip-Hop that I call ‘Ghetto Poetry’ with super producer Mac Sauce Beats who whipped up the hit, and the lyrics poured out of my soul. I felt like a lot of people could relate to this song because people always say that they love you , that’s why I called it ‘Show Me.’ I also had one of the most talented young artists T.Cole lay the hook and the rest was history.”

Check out the song…you ready for another show? This might be in. We got BMF! Why not King of the South!? You think T.I. will have anything to say?

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