Master P Says You Have To Stay Strapped In Hollywood, Plans To Expose The Fakes


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Master P recently explained that the affluent have to stay strapped even in Hollywood because there are so many fake accountants, fake financial advisors, strippers that say they are models and actresses etc. He also says there are still a lot of haters in Hollywood as well, so he chooses to stay to himself.

Master P went on to say that even professional athletes will come to other entertainers trying to get investments, but they want to invest in something like weed. Master P says,

“If I wanted to be a dope dealer, I could’ve stayed in the projects. My motivation to get out.”

P says he’s going to create a show called ‘The Real Hollywood’ where he will be exposing the fake and the phony people. He wants to teach people how to invest their money and make the right choices.

Master P says DJ Khaled has nothing on him as he is really about to give people the blueprint to the game. We’ll be on the lookout for Master P dropping this knowledge.