Maybe She Wants Peace! Is Iggy Azalea Trying To Hide Her Pregnancy?

Iggy Azalea’s recent Instagram story threw us all tf off after a pregnancy rumor!

Rappers Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti were expecting a baby together. Yay!

Azalea is allegedly six months pregnant with the “Magnolia” rapper’s child. 

However, on Sunday Azalea threw us for a loop when she posted a video on her Instagram story of her rehearsing with no baby bump. 

Sis made sure she let us see her stomach. 

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Many celebrities have hid their pregnancies for numerous reasons – their health, mentally and physically, public scrutiny, etc. 

The internet thinks she is all cap and Iggy posted an old video on the gram to cover-up her pregnancy. 

Playboi isn’t really active on social media so I don’t think we’ll be hearing anything from him anytime soon. 

I’m guessing next year we’ll be seeing pictures from the delivery room or a cute little picture of a baby’s foot with a caption saying something like, “welcome” with his or her name following.

What do y’all think? Is Iggy hiding her pregnancy from us?