MC Lyte Believes Iggy Azalea’s Altered Accent Is No Different Than English Actors Americanizing Their’s


Photos via MC Lyte and Iggy’s Instagram

Iggy Azalea has become a pretty controversial figure in rap music. Some people hate her and view her as the white appropriation of Hip Hop, others lover her and see her as the representation of Hip Hop’s growth. One person who’s been supportive of Iggy is MC Lyte. MC Lyte doesn’t think the criticism Iggy receives is always fair especially since we don’t scrutinize others the same way. Lyte recently told Hot 97 that it doesn’t matter where Iggy is from because she has a love of the craft, and people all over like Hip-Hop. She said Hip-Hop is universal. MC Lyte also brought up an interesting point by saying we don’t criticize English actors (i.e.) Idris Elba)) for Americanizing their accent like they criticize Iggy for sounding like she’s “from Atlanta”. She basically said it’s all acting. What are your thoughts?