Has The Peace Process Started With Pioneering Female MCs?

MC DEBBIE D, pioneering rapper and first solo female emcee

MC Sha Rock, MC Debbie D, Pebblee Poo…has the process of peace and unity started?

A lot has been made of the pioneering female MCs that helped pave the way for where we are today. Most notably, much has been made of the BEEFS that they have reportedly had with each other. Recently, we saw headlines about MC Sha Rock going off. In her lament, she re-affirmed that she was the very first female MC and that MC Debbie D, Lisa Lee (of the Zulu Nation) and Pebblee Poo (rapped with Kool Herc) were not. Pebblee Poo got the strongest language directed to her, but there was a sub-topic many missed.

Both Poo and Debbie have claimed to be the first “female MC soloist.” By now you should know that Sha Rock was in a crew called Funky 4 + 1 and they were the first Hip-Hop act on national TV. O February 14, 1981 the group performed on Saturday Night Live hosted by rock star Deborah Harry of Blondie. Just so you know, check out some goodies.

So, here is why I am here:

Sha Rock was first, but there were others after her. Debbie D and Lisa Lee are particularly popular because they all appeared in the movie “Beat Street.” However, there’s a word on the streets that Debbie D and Pebblee Poo recently got together privately to squash any misunderstanding that may be between them. Word on the street is that they mutually apologized and mutually showed love to each other at the end of the conversation. I am wondering if Sha Rock is next for a phone call?

Hopefully, there can be peace! All the pioneers don’t have to agree, but time is ticking and we are losing people daily. We don’t need their legacies to be tainted with strife! Let Hip-Hop Be Great!

Here’s some goodies with Debbie and Poo! Shout out to the lovely ladies of Hip-Hop during this historic year!