MC Shan & Fans Are Feeling A Certain Way About Jay-Z & His ‘4:44’ Album


(AllHipHop Rumors) While Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album did numbers, there are still some folks who are not here for it.

One person in particular is MC Shan! Shan decided to criticize Jay for the messages and advice the album gives, and he even went as far as accusing Hov of biting his flow, and stealing the lyrics of other rappers. Whoa!

“I haven’t heard Jay’s album, and I’m not running out to go get Jay’s album. From what I hear, he’s saying the same thing a lot of people been saying for years. If you wanted to tell people to do something tell them to pull their f-cking pants up. Don’t tell them to stop putting f-cking money to their ear. That’s what their fans expect from them. That’s their persona…..Instead of throwing shots at motherf-ckers, say they f-cking name. Say who you talking about. Don’t f-cking shade that sh-t. Don’t be a shady motherf-cker. Say who you talking bout. Be that n-gga. If you listen to a lot of albums where you taking everyone else’s lyrics and sh-t and using them sh-ts including my flow. Come on. Come on, I’m definitely not going to run out and by the Blueprint, the F print,” said Shan.

MC Shan also tells Jay that he’s giving f-cked up advice by telling people to buy property because cats don’t really have that kind of “Malibu” money, their money is dirty, and when they try to buy something the feds are coming to take it.

Welp, Shan isn’t the only person that feels some kind of way about Jay. Jay’s fans have even been poking fun at him with his own advice and lyrics.

Jay bashed folks for their strip club visits, money phones, and wasteful spending habits while preaching about financial stability.

Fans flipped the script on Jay and went in on him about this costly ‘4:44’ tour ticket prices. Folks wanted to know how can Jay charge hundreds while telling folks to save up all of their money?

Obviously Jay probably has little-to-nothing to do with ticket prices, but the slander is still funny.

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