Meek Mill Claims Rick Ross Is A “Studio Stickler” Ahead Of “Too Good To Be True” Album

Rick Ross Meek Mill

It’s like we are getting the low-down on what those Maybach Music Group studio sessions or the “Self Made” albums were like—just a decade after the fact.

Rick Ross can work at a high level almost anywhere and Meek Mill is typically right by his side. During their recent interview with Apple Music, Meek and Ross discussed their upcoming collaborative album, Too Good To Be True. In addition to detailing the creative process of the album’s sample heavy records such as “Go to Hell,” the dynamic duo also revealed what the atmosphere is like when they are both in the studio together.

And apparently, Rozay actually turns into the “strictest boss” rather than the biggest when it comes to managing the workflow during sessions.

“When we get in the studio, that s### gets serious,” Meek Mill said in part. “Ross getting into serious mode. He trying to knock that s### out and get to work.” On the other hand, Mike Mill appears to suggest that his energy level is as high, if not higher than Ross’ when they link up. In fact, by the way he answered the question, it makes me think he’s as turnt in the booth as he frequently is backstage in the arena at 76ers games when he’s doing front flips in somersaults off of the halftime mascot’s trick trampolines.

“And you know me, he giving me that gas, I’m going run, I’m going to run jumping out that window a hundred miles an hour. But we joke all the time. You’re going to see a lot of that throughout the content and all that. And it’s organic too.

Meek continued, “We came up with this idea and we got around each other, built, vibed out and then got in the studio. It don’t matter where we’re recording at, we could be in the closet, Rozay going to get this s### done.

Check out the recent video single for the project below.