Meek Mill Wants To Get Drake In The Ring For A “Minaj”


Image result for nicki minaj sexy gif(AllHipHop Rumors) Meek Mill has suddenly decided to ride the wave of Soulja Boy and Chris Brown (more infamously known as BHRIS BROWN.

Meek Mill said he would be willing to fight Drake live on PPV for a cool $5 Million. Now, he wasn’t talking that before he and Nickl broke up, but OK. Not mad at the prospect of these guys fighting.

Only thing is, Drake would never do it. Crazy thing is, Drake would probably win! However, we never know since Meek hails from Philly so he has a Broad Street shot at victory.

BUT, we all remember this:

What’s even funnier is that Meek said Nicki can be the ring girl. What are they going to fight for her honor?

How crazy is it that these guys were pretty cool at one point.

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