Meek Mill’s Boxing Skills Get A Lot Of Internet Chatter!

Meek Mill The Boxer

Damn it! I promise I am rooting for Meek Mill. I AM. But it just seems like he cannot win. The dude managed to get out of the Drake mess intact with a dope song on the Creed soundtrack. But then he violated probation and Drake’s diss got nominated for a Grammy. Then he violated probation and is facing jail time. What does Meek do? He shows himself training, apparently getting ready for jail. NOoooooooOoOOOooooooooooooOooooooo! The internet is having a field day with this.

Even Kid Chocolate is talking about this!

Somebody says this is Meek Mill boxing at 16. It was posted in 2012. Dude looks short for Meek, but I can’t really tell.

Meanwhile, what is blurred out in this picture? Some say its a house arrest ankle bracelet.