Meek Mill’s Boy Confirms Beanie Sigel Got Touched By Dreamchasers Over Ghostwriting Talk


What the hell is going on? Cats put hands on Beans? They really did? It was one thing for The Game to say it, but now, Dreamchasers are going on record admitting to it. That’s no bueno. Now The Game really won the beef, since Philly is all fractured. A dude name Teefy decides to talk about this in an interview. He denies that Beanie did any writing for Omelly, only that he made suggestions. He also said nobody wanted him to jump on it, but he jumped on regardless. He said stuff was all cool until…Beans did that interview. “I think he passed out from the diabetic medication,” Teefy said. He accused Beans of going back to The Game and talking on some double agent-ish! They deny that The Game was out there in Philly and that, if he was, he would have got his head knocked out.

UGH! Look below…just a few days, they were cool…in the studio.