Meek Mill Has Depressing Epiphany About Rappers-What That Has To Do With Kreayshawn

Meek Mill might have to do a remix to “Gucci Gucci” with Kreayshawn after this!

To think that Meek Mill and Kreayshawn would ever be in a direct alliance is somewhat surprising—and not just because of their rap identities, but because their careers have taken vastly different paths.

Just in case you don’t know what is going on, Meek appeared to express his disdain for what life as a rapper has revolved into following Kodak Black’s viral Drink Champs interview. His frustrations seemed to boil over on Twitter on October 30 as he tweeted, “Being a real rapper basically is being a person who is used til their soulless!”

On the flip side, less than 12 hours later, Kreayshawn opened up about how one of her recent “wins” is more like a curse from hell, underscoring Meek’s sentiments in the process. Though the record was released more than 10-years ago, Kreayshawn appeared to just receive the news herself that her viral “Gucci Gucci” has achieved platinum status from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). The only problem, however, seems to be that she still owes thousands of dollars to he former label Sony for the album the single eventually became apart of.

“Crazy that I will owe Sony 800k on one album… for 10+ years! But it’s platinum?,” she wrote in part.

While that’s the headline, I’d be burying the lede if I failed to mention that Kreayshawn went on to say that her contract was signed before Spotify existed and streams were counted toward total plays and or album sales. Which is honestly a complete shame because if you’ll recall, Kreayshawn had the Internet and radio airwaves in a headlock when “Gucci Gucci” dropped. She even took a moment and reminded us all that Funkmaster Flex issued a looting call to action to the city of New York while Kanye West freestyled over a version of Kreayshawn’s record during a live broadcast.

Kreayshawn went on to reveal that even though her label had her career mapped out to match the trajectory of then fledging artists-turned-superstars such as A$AP Rocky, they eventually dropped her due to low album sales. To add insult to injury, they allegedly did so just three days after she announced her pregnancy. Talk about leaving a person uttterly soulless!

Miraculously enough, though, Kreayshawn says even though she is “bitter” she is also very “thankful” for the experience. She also appears to still have an appetite to work with another major label, as she seemingly revealed she is a fan of Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis’ “Barbie” banger and would consider signing to their Milf Music imprint.

Anyways, revisit “Gucci Gucci” one last time for the hell of it below.