Did French Montana Have A Heart Attack!?

French Montana is having some heart issues…but what is going on?

(AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, our prayers are with French Montana! The rapper has been having some serious issues with his heart and we aren’t talking about some sh#t with a girl! He has been in ICU for a week and people are starting to get worried because this isn’t normal. French is a relatively young dude that has also been exposed to an opulent lifestyle, which I tend to translate into good living as well. I am not sure if that’s not the case, but it seems like it to me. 

First of all, let me state that French has already got Megan Thee Stallion! That alone can get you really excited to get out of the damn hospital, especially if you command it. “Get you motherfn’ ass out this motherfn’ bed and go home! They can’t keep a real n###a down!” Meg also states that she loves him in the video. 

ANYWAY, here is the skinny! French Montana was admitted to the ICU somewhere out there in Calabasas…he had some issues. French Montana has updated fans on his health, revealing he has been in intensive care over the weekend. He was having some cardiac issues and nausea and went straight to the hospital. In a tweet, the 35-year-old wrote: “Six days in icu,” and added a praying emoji. There are rumors that Frenchie had a heart attack, but the facts/reports don’t seem to suggest that. Right now, he suffering from an “elevated heart rate and stomach pains, possibly as a result of eating contaminated food.” GET BETTER BRO!

By the way, can we just admire Megan Thee Stallion.