Rumors & Tidbits: Megan Thee Stallion, Kanye West, Fabolous, Drake, Future + More!

There is a lot of junk floating around in the rumor sea! Check it out!!!

(AllHiphop Rumors) Megan Thee Stallion is THE it girl. And she gets it poppin’ from East to West to South! And with Fabolous being a single man now, she got him out in the streets! Check out their interaction: Meg was definitely in charge!

That was cute (the Megan part)! By the way, the AllHipHop Team caught Megan at the VMAs and she got it poppin poppin….like sell yo’ soul poppin!

Got damn! They are now going in on Lil Baby with such fervor and regularity, he may never recover!

Kanye West is doing a gospel rap album! And, he has a new song to go with it! The name of that song is….(((drum roll)))….”Sweet Jesus!”

This is not to be confused with “Sweet Christmas,” a phrase by Luke Cage.

Jesus Dances With ‘Ye!

The Kappa frat is mad at Chris Brown for stealing their party stroll moves! I don’t know anything about them, but this has been rolling pretty heavily on social media recently.

Well, Beyonce is known to have done the same thing and people were happy. So, what’s the big deal! At least, its not Vanilla Ice and the Alphas! 

What A Time To Be Alive 2!?

Rumor has it Drake and. Future are working on a sequel to their highly popular album, WATTBA! That album was a big win for both men and it represented a coming together of the North and the South. This isn’t even new news, but I am just hearing it for the first time. I decided to share since I believe somebody else missed it too! 

Here are some more pictures from the VMAs….

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