MF DOOM: Is The Hospital Looking To Avoid Costly Lawsuit?

MF Doom’s family might be considering a lawsuit against the hospital that has admitted he did not receive good care when he died.

I got some serious info. I just found out something that totally blew my mind. You won’t believe it, but apparently, the famous rapper MF DOOM died in the most senseless way. And, now we know the hospital knows it.

NHS trust in Leeds (National Health Services of England) had to apologize because they provided such crappy care to this underground rap icon. MF DOOM. He was only 49 when he passed away in October 2020, all because his brain didn’t get enough oxygen due to a bad reaction to a blood pressure drug he was taking.

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Believe it or not, MF DOOM was born in London. So, essentially one of their own died on their watch. But, here is the thing. I talked to somebody on the inside of the medical care industry and they informed me that the hospital is likely trying to avoid or mitigate a very costly lawsuit.

St James’s Hospital in Leeds has admitted that they messed up. They said they missed several chances to provide DOOM with better care when he was dealing with angioedema (a sudden swelling caused by an allergic reaction). DOOM’s throat, tongue, and lips swelled up AFTER he was given medication to control his blood pressure. This breaks my heart. We loved DOOM.

During the investigation, the assistant coroner pointed out that the care plan at the hospital wasn’t detailed enough. The coroner mentioned that our Hip-Hop brother’s deterioration was extremely fast and not something you see every day. There were things they could have done and should have done, but they did not do it. They also apologized directly to his wife, Jasmine. She walked through the whole process from the States.

Their chief medical officer, Dr. Hamish McLure, came clean and offered his condolences to The Thompson family, friends, and fans. He admitted that the care he received wasn’t up to par, and they’ve conducted a serious incident investigation. Now what? Apologies don’t mean anything with out restitution. And, quite frankly, there is no bringing DOOM back so what do we do? Sit and wait. Jasmine has not announced any lawsuit or any sort of forward motion. But, my folks say it is almost guaranteed to happen.

What a tragic and senseless death. It’s just mind-boggling how things went so wrong. Rest in peace, MF DOOM.