Do Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper, & Vic Mensa Have A Collaborative Project On The Way?


Mick Jenkins recently did a Q&A with Twitter Music. Fans were curious to know his favorite emcee, if he plays 2K, and a few other things.

What caught many people’s attention was a question from a fan asking,

“Have you Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa thought about making more music together?”

Jenkins replied saying,

“We got a project done we bouta drop it #askMickJenkins.”

Although Vic has been working on his debut for Roc Nation, Chance has ‘Coloring Book’ out and Mick has his solo album ‘The Healing Component’ on the way, this could be a pretty dope collaboration.

Just when we thought there might be a collaborative project in the works, Jenkin’s manager revealed that Mick was just playing.

The idea has been put out there now, so they’ll probably do it for Chicago and the culture.

Unity and collaboration are certainly what Chicago needs among it’s violent day-to-day scene. #SaveMoney #TheSocialExperiment #THEMPeople

Would you be here for this collaboration?