Migos TakeOff Certainly Wasn’t Feeling “Bad & Boujee” This Day!


(AllHipHop Rumors) You good TakeOff? Blink twice if you need help.

It looks like it was just one of those days for Mr. TakeOff. It also looks like there may be some discordance in Migos as TakeOff has looked like he is completely OVER IT lately.

They better have given this man some verses on this ‘Culture’ album! Lol. We know he has some, but still. LOL.

Honestly I forgot that TakeOff wasn’t on the Migos’ hit “Bad & Boujee” featuing Lil Uzi Vert, until I saw this recent clip of Migos performing it in front of members of what I believe were the press.

In the clip, TakeOff doesn’t rap, dance… hell he barely is moving. Some fans have speculated that there may be trouble in the group that is leaving him salty. Others have speculated that maybe he just didn’t get his “fix” that day.

Maybe he’s just tired of having to put energy into a song that he isn’t on. I’m sorry but like most, I find this clip hilarious.

What do you think TakeOff is thinking in this clip? In all fairness, at least he was decent on “Casting Call” & “T-Shirt”.

Since the song is so hot now, and Lil Uzi obviously won’t be able to perform every show with them, do you think they should have an alternate version for TakeOff with a new verse that he can rap?

I honestly think he may have just been over doing a bootleg performance in front of some people with their phones out. He has been acting strange in interviews though also. TakeOff you better not try to leave the group! Lol!