More Ghostwriting?: Sh*t Just Got Realer For Drake!

Another Ghostwriting Claim?

Yoooooo….at first is seemed like OVO rapper Mo-G was only sending shots to Drake’s manager. Now, that seems to be very far from the truth. Today, the dude put Drake under the bus and is presently dragging his former homie with the allegations that has dogged him recently. Mo-G is stating that he was hired to write and record hooks, bars and flows for Drake. WOW! He even put the text allegedly straight from Drake in there. Now, we all know anything can be fabricated, but is this a damning accusation?

Here are some of is rhymes…thoughts?

I think Drake is getting is writing fingers back in shape for some diss records.

Well, Mo-G won’t be going to the OVO Fest anytime soon.