Mozzy Arrested After Shooting?


The streets are saying Mozzy was arrested at the very same club where several people were shot. Let’s get to the truth!

Mozzy JUST completed a 10-month prison sentence in May. Despite being incarcerated on federal gun charges, the West Coast rap don jumped back to it, collaborating with Baby Money and Celly Ru. He released the Kollect Kall EP in April and had been celebrating his freedom. The streets are on fire right now, stating he’s been arrested AGAIN following a shooting.

Videos have emerged online, capturing the moment when the 36-year-old rapper was detained by the police in the middle of the night. One person said, “Maaan, @MozzyThaMotive came to our city Wichita, [Kansas] for an amazing show. We attended the after-party, only to witness his subsequent arrest. SMH, we demand Mozzy’s release, and we condemn the authorities involved.”

According to ABC News, the nightclub where Mozzy was partying was the site of a shooting incident, resulting in seven people being shot and two others trampled. There was one person arrested according to the early reports, but it didn’t say that person was Mozzy.