Murda Mook Still Has That Rap Battle Fade For Drake!


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Drake can still get these bars from Murda Mook!

I rock with the 6 God to an extent, but I’d still put my money on Mook!

Murda Mook refuses to let y’all forget that he was supposed to battle it out with Drizzy Drake.

Remember when Drake boldly challenged the battle rap veteran Murda Mook.

Mook was certainly ready and dissed Drake a few times, including a diss at the 2014 BET Awards, in hopes of pulling Drake into the rap battle ring frfr.

The hype died down and Drake later spent his time going against Meek Mill.

Mook and Drake allegedly almost faced off at a battle in 2015, but the lyrical bout never happened.

Drizzy also tried to tell Mook that he had to beat Tsu Surf before a “Drake vs Mook” battle would even take place.

Wellll Drake recently let it be known that he still has that “free smoke” for whoever wants it.

Murda Mook jumped in the comments letting fans know it’s not really for “WHOEVER”. LOL.

Listen f’ Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, I’d still love to see Mook eat Drake alive. LOL.

Mook certainly aint forgot Drake! Stop running!