Scottie Pippen Finds A Friend In Hip-Hop And Future, A FOE!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Mysonne has already expressed his issues with Future stemming from Future rapping so hard about the drug culture and subsequently “poisoning” the minds of children. Now Mysonne has expressed that he actually would’ve beat down Future for another reason.

Mysonne sat down with DJ Vlad and revealed that he feels that Future doesn’t do real n-gga sh-t especially with all of the stuff that Future was doing to troll Scottie Pippen.

“That’s another thing that Future did that threw me. The sh-t you doing with Scottie Pippen. If I was Scottie Pippen, I would beat that man up. No question. Listen to me, I would buy a ticket to the show and put my hands on him. Immediately because you are intentionally…. This is my family, this is my wife, and you intententionally doing sh-t to public defame my kid’s mother,” said Mysonne

Mysonne says the minute that Scottie and Larsa Pippen announced publicly that they were moving forward with their relationship, Future shouldn’t have been trolling Scottie by putting emojis under Larsa’s Instagram photos, and making songs saying that a guy would never get their b-tch back.

Mysonne said he would have to leave ol’ girl [Larsa] because he would never forget about it and the tabloids and the world wouldn’t let him forget about it, and he would still put his hands on Future if he was Scottie when he ran into him. Mysonne feels like Future tried to embarrass this man and his family in front of the world, and despite the fact that Scottie’s one of the best players, the kids know him mostly from being a Future-related meme.

At the rate that Mysonne is going, is sounds like Future might offer the fade eventually. LOL. What do you think about Mysonne’s comments. Did Future threaten Scottie’s livelihood?