Nas Touts ‘Hip-Hop is Dead’ LP is “Mainly” Meant for N.Y. MCs

Lauded as one of Hip-Hop’s elite narrators, Nas, clarifies his epic assertion.

The Illest personifies poetry. Recently, the “If I Ruled the World” wordsmith offers up the latest episode of his podcast. So, with The Bridge: 50 Years of Hip-Hop, he gives compelling insight. Thus, the Number One narrator’s perspective is now candid. Here, is where Nas touts his Hip-Hop Is Dead LP is “mainly” meant for New York MCs.

Undoubtedly, the misinterpreted metaphor is liberally thrust upon Southern entertainers. Whereas, the intent is to hold his native tongues accountable. Back in 2006, the Nasty One drops his eighth album, Hip-Hop Is Dead. However, this caustic commentary is a actually a motivational nudge to New York rappers.

Clearly, Jeezy feels a way. Moreover, for over 15 years, The Snowman has questions for the “Ether” MC . While, appearing as a guest on the podcast, Mr. Snow Go broaches the topic. He says, “When he did Hip Hop [Is] Dead, I thought he was talking about us. I wanted to be the front guy and say what I said.” Later, during the commentary, J adds, “At the time, you gotta think, I’m just getting on. I’m just seeing my first legitimate money. I’m just getting my shows going. And then, you got the Don in New York saying ‘Hip-Hop is dead!’”

Finally, the established entrepreneur works to clarify his critique. Then, he admits, “I didn’t think about that part. I didn’t think that certain people would think I’m talking about them.” Furthermore, he explains, “Oh nah, I’m talking about mainly New York! Mainly New York. I’m talking to everybody, but I didn’t explain it thorough enough.”

There, it is simple as day. Does the Nas hypothesis still hold true? Does the scathing Hip-Hop declaration still apply to New York MCs? Be sure, to skip to the 14-minute mark for all the juicy details.