SIGNS: Solar Storm May Lead To Months-Long “Internet Apocalypse”

How will any of us survive for months without Wi-Fi?

Scientists and some of the top research institutions in the universe are convinced the world may soon face what they’ve dubbed an “internet apocalypse.”

Even though NASA is credited with popularizing the doomsday term, the theory was reportedly first published by a University of California researcher in 2021 in a paper he authored exploring data collected on the impact of solar storms. In one particular section of the paper, the researcher cited what he described as his fear of what would be considered a “solar superstorm” that has the potential to “cause large-scale internet outages covering the entire globe and lasting several months.”

So basically, this research suggests that the same phenomenon that causes the Northern Lights could completely wipe out the backbone of our internet infrastructure due to the storm’s ability to create magnetically induced currents that are capable of entering “and damage long-distance cables that constitute the backbone of the internet.”

Don’t believe any of this? Here’s a TikTok video with over four million views breaking it all down. Check out the details of the theory below.


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