NBA YoungBoy’s Videos Yanked from YouTube: YouHater!

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy is YouTube’s most viewed U.S. artist. All of his videos have been yanked from the platform. Ask Sway, how this is possible?

NBA YoungBoy’s innate talent and relentless drive continues to earn respect. Contrary, to concentrating on spins or on streams, the the Baton Rouge native is cultivating a domineering visual presence. His YouTube page boasts over 10 million loyal supporters. So, then, what’s the motivation behind all of the videos being removed from NBA YoungBoy’s YouTube channel?

Let’s dig deeper. For the years 2019 through 2021, NBA YoungBoy is the only Hip-Hop artist to have consecutive number one albums, this according to Billboard. The Top rapper’s, authentic artistry, has earned a historic distinction.

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Next, don’t forget that last year, the Wall Street Journal championed his magnetic appeal. Tangible tales, often wrought by trauma, are welcomed by the public. Pain is the universal connector. Previously, only 11 videos were posted to his YouTube channel. The WSJ, contends that within a two two-year span that he had amassed over 100 million YouTube views. The publication then dubbed him as “the most viewed artist in the U.S.”

Now, let’s connect the dots. NBA YoungBoy is celebrated for personifying his lyricism. For some, it seems that his melanin-enriched existence, antagonizes their sense of reality. Could this be the case with YouTube? Recently, Alex Junnier — YoungBoy’s manager — blasted the video-sharing platform. He laments that the lack of support for Sincerely, Kentrell stemmed from “image” issues.

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As of late, internet sleuths discovered the controversy. Thus far, the reigning explanation is that YoungBoy is planning something BIG. Just what could this be? His same YouTube page is teasing an anticipated release. On Friday (Dec 3), will his mixtape, From the Bayou actually drop? Birdman is set to contribute to this endeavor.

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One last note, it is interesting how there is an array of YoungBoy videos on Facebook. This begs the question of what will become of YouTube and YoungBoy?