Nelly & Ashanti Are Officially Back Together, Sources Say

Ashanti Nelly

Illseed cries over the unofficial official news that Ashanti and Nelly are back together.

My first reaction:

Of course I am happy with anybody that is also happy. At the same time, I realize this is the end of the dream in my head. The dream that I would have a path to be with Ashanti.

Nelly and Ashanti were spotted together in Las Vegas last month, hand in hand. According to sources with ET, the couple is “very happy” and “really enjoying their time together.” During the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia fight, the two were seen walking through T-Mobile Arena.

They also performed their hit “Body on Me” at a pool party like teenage lovers. The singers had an on-again, off-again romance that officially ended in 2014 but now appear to have reconciled. Nelly shared that time has allowed them to reflect on their past and see things differently, leading to their current friendship and romantic connection. Ashanti previously played coy when asked about the possibility of them getting back together.

At the end of the day, Ashanti wants that baby and Nelly is the man to give it to her. Could have been an illseed, but that’s for another life. Anyway! God bless and nobody can be feeling worse that Irv Gotti. He said some weird, nasty stuff about our Ashanti! But she has found her peace anyway. Lets pray that Nelly does right by her and we all get to see another royal couple emerge.