A New Bromance: Drake And Young Thug


(AllHipHop Rumors) You have to appreciate the camaraderie in Hip-Hop. It has always been there but to certainly has evolved. Young Thug and Drake seem to be really chummy in a way I didn’t know they were cool. No shade. Just saying. I can imagine its lonely at the top and Only a few people can relate. I am not sure exactly what sparked this proclamation by Thugger, but he felt the need for some reason.

“Thanks for this journey my brada… u 1 of the realist rappers I know… very GgenuinNe man and brada, I love the way u treat me and respect me and my heart!!! YOU R NUN LIKE THESE OTHER RAPPERS. I mean ALL OF EM…. And for that I’m with u foreva! ?”


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