New T.I. & Tiny Accuser Is Straight Up Lying, Friend Says

Tip And Tiny have somebody going dead against the later accuser.

T.I. and Tiny are being accused – once again – of being sexual predators. But now, as I stated before, something just doesn’t seem right. And this is not to undermine the accusers, or to make a determination of innocence or guilt. It’s just to ask some questions, because my Spidey sense is tingling. And I’m just wondering what is what!

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I am really interested in knowing the truth. I JUST want to know the truth! Come on in, Truth! Now let’s run it down just for a second, and speak to fax. Tip and his wife Tiny have been accused of a myriad of terrible things, mostly related to sexual assault, drugs and other improprieties. These accusations have been made by numerous women and all of the accusation are BAD BAD. like MJ and LL Cool J “Bad.” On paper, if you will, they make one of our favorite rapper / activist and legend and his doting legendary singer wife look like monsters. Most of these women have no face and no name to identify them and are represented by a single lawyer. That, by the way, is not illegal. They say they fear intimidation by The Harrises and are staying anonymous for the time being.

To my knowledge, there have been no charges pressed against Tip or Tiny. This has not stop the dragging in the press and social media. Be clear, only one of the charges have to be true. So if one of them is true and all of the rest are false, they are still guilty of something. However, it just seems as if some of these are just bogus. As was the case with Bill Cosby. Some of those accusations were bogus. Just facts, cancel mongers. One of those accusers was found to be telling the truth in a court of law and that sent Mr. Cosby to jail for a very long time, in his senior most years. The others could’ve been true as well but it was the one ultimately that sent him to the big house.

T.I. & Tiny Under Investigation For Sexual Assault In Los Angeles

I say all of that to say this: T.I. has a new accusation and the friend of the accuser is flat out saying that her friend (would assume now former friend) is lying. Another common thread that seems to be involved in all of these cases is that people go into these alleged freaky or illicit situations and either regret it or see a come up. This particular friend of the accuser is saying that the person is simply looking for a come up. Check this out:

Another bs story about TIP and Tiny was released. The woman is lying and wanted Tip to herself. When it wasn’t happening how she thought she stopped messing around with them according a friend. Everything was consensual with all parties involved per usual. Don’t believe none of these people until they provide proof of something. Nothing has been provided and no charges have been brought against them. At this point it’s legal extortion. Hopefully Tip and Tiny don’t break and pay these bums😒

Does this make all the other accusations fraudulent? No. Does this somehow exonerate T.I. and tiny for all other accusations? No. But does it raise the question that some people here are lying? Yes! And that’s all folks are trying to say is that everybody may not be on the up and up! I just want the truth! And when we have the truth, or conviction, which doesn’t necessarily denote the truth, we can then move on with some normalcy.

Right? Maybe? 🤷🏾‍♂️

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