Did Nicki Minaj Blot Out Meek’s Meekend Weekend On Purpose?


(AllHipHop Rumors)
People would be surprised at the underhanded tactics these celebrities use. Now, we never really know, but they are often involved in these secret wars we never really know about. Sometimes we know, but a lot of times, we don’t.

Friday was Meek Mill’s G-Day. We wished him happy birthday on Friday and he didn’t say thanks. That is beside the point! Anyway, here are the songs…but did Nicki have a nefarious plot to blot out Meek’s weekend joy?

So, the very next day, Nicki Minaj takes it to Twitter and goes on a giving spree like no rapper has ever done! All of a sudden, nobody is talking about Meek! I mean Nicki loathes Meek – no doubt! Remember, even thought they broke up, Meek allegedly helped Remy Ma craft her scathing 7-minute Nicki Minaj diss “shETHER.”

I cannot see the coincidence in this. I got no proof on this. Just suspicions. Thoughts?