Is Nicki Minaj Afraid That Someone’s Out To Get Her?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Things have gotten pretty interesting for Nicki Minaj since Remy Ma ethered her on her “ShETHER” diss.

It seemed as if almost the entire world had turned their back on Nicki, at least temporarily. That didn’t stop Nicki from winning though. Her follow up/response singles all charted well, and she inked a modeling deal with Wilehmina!

Although it appears that all is well with Minaj, word on the curb is that she’s actually very paranoid about her well being, especially in the studio.

An insider says that Nicki has been working out of a very popular studio lately, and she won’t eat or touch anything that’s been opened out of fear that someone may be trying to harm or poison her.

Apparently the studio is so locked down that only the employees and engineers are the ones allowed to be there.

The source says that Nicki won’t have more than one person in the studio at a time, making work difficult for everyone, and causing each work day to be 15 hours long for the people there.

Obviously it’s good money, but the people are having to sacrifice a lot for her schedule and demands. While it’s understandable that some people are very particular about things as they either have trust issues, or rather be safe than sorry, folks are saying Nicki is acting way too paranoid in general.

I guess at recording studios they usually have things like baked cookies, and all kinds of snacks, but Nicki won’t go near it unless it’s brand new and unopened. The source says that only professionals and people she knows are there, and that no one is out to hurt her because they wouldn’t even want to mess up a check.

Regardless Nicki allegedly isn’t trying to hear it. Do you think Nicki’s beef with Remy shook her up pretty badly, or do you think she’s just a particular person in general?