Are Nicki Minaj & Cardi B Beefing?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Unfortunately we live in the time and age where everything can and will get photoshopped. That means pictures, posts, texts, DMs,
likes etc.

As if Nicki Minaj doesn’t have enough drama on her hands, social media created more for her by making it seem like she was beefing with as well as dissing reality star and up-and-coming rapper, Cardi B.

A photoshopped image of Nicki Minaj liking a diss of Cardi B’s bars surfaced, and a little hell broke loose pitting the female rappers against each other.

People started to comment on who they felt was better. We love Cardi, but let’s be real the truth is that Nicki is obviously better, but hilarity certainly ensued.

It’s so crazy how there are hardly any female rappers on the scene. How is this possible?! Check out some of the comments below. Do you feel that Cardi is a decent rapper, or is it all a joke?