Is Nicki Minaj Readying A Safaree Diss Before A Remy Ma One?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Look, as far as most are concerned Nicki Minaj has proven that she’s “scared” of Remy Ma given the fact that she didn’t respond to Remy’s diss track.

Listen, Remy hit below the belt and drew blood. Some are saying Nicki is “unbothered” and that she has too much to lose by responding to Remy. Some are saying that every action doesn’t require or deserve a reaction, but this is freaking Hip Hop man!!

To make matters worse, Nicki has been responding to everyone but REMY MA! Fans even let her have it when she responded to Trey Songz telling him that he should be clearing her name the day the “ShETHER” track dissed. Everyone, Trey included, felt that Nicki should be mad at/responding to Remy and no one else.

Now, word on the curb is that Nicki Minaj is readying a diss track for her ex-boyfriend Safaree!

Safaree recently made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show where he revealed that he believes Nicki Minaj cheated on him with Meek Mill after he introduced them to each other. He also took credit for writing Nicki’s bars.

Safaree also let it be known that Nicki’s people tried to get Safaree’s appearance on Wendy blocked as well.

Sources close to the situation have told HollywoodLife that Nicki was going to ignore Remy’s claims, but she just can’t stand by and let her ex call her a cheater and take credit for her work.

“She is angry and feels majorly disrespected by Safaree’s Wendy Williams interview. Nicki is livid that Safaree would try to take so much credit for all of Nicki’s hard work. Nicki feels likes the only person truly responsible for all her success is herself,” said the insider.

“Safaree’s name is now at the top of Nicki’s list, right next to Remy Ma. Nicki will be coming for both of these two next time she steps into the studio,” claims the source.

If Nicki responds to Safaree before Remy…… listen. At this point Nicki can keep her Remy response. We don’t even want it anymore, and I highly doubt that she can say anything as bad as what Remy said.