Nicki Minaj Seems To Suggest Cardi B Is Racist, But Deletes Post

Cardi B Nicki Minaj

Some old stuff Cardi B has said is coming back out and Nicki Minaj has helped it emerge in a now-deleted IG post.

Nicki and Cardi.

These two could be more like Starkey and Hutch, but they are going at it. I don’t see the issue. They are so different as artists and people, BUT…there can only be one ONE. And each of them wants to be THE ONE. Nicki stepped out of character a bit recently and posted something that had her going right at Cardi B on some of her many comments. Remember, Cardi B and Nicki have had real beef. They even got into a fight where Cardi got a lump on her head from security.

Nicki seemingly posted a video in her IG stories that somebody captured.

First of all, check it out. Do you think that shows Cardi B as racist towards Black women?

In the video, the person refers to Cardi as a “white woman named Cardinal Beatrice The Third,” which was a bit of joke. She claims that Cardi referred to Black Women as “roaches.” If she actually called people of color roaches, that would mean she is not racist. Cardi is a woman of color! She ain’t a white woman! Now, there may be some colorism issues here, but that’s another story.

Remember, people, this is nothing new. All of this hit hard in 2017, 2018 and 2020 and Cardi has since addressed it.

Cardi addressed the allegations, admitting to calling Black women “roaches,” but said race was not a factor. In fact, she said she has called HERSELF a roach!

WELLLLL, it seems like Nicki is drudging up some old stuff, not much unlike how 50 Cent did James Cruz recently. If they didn’t remind us, we would forget it!