Nicki Minaj’s Brother Allegedly Threatened Rape Case Victim With A### Rape


(AllHipHop Rumors) Things are only getting worse for Nicki Minaj’s older brother Jelani Maraj!

News has now hit that Maraj’s 12-year old rape victim was allegedly threatened with a### rape if she wouldn’t comply. Don’t tell Remy Ma. Remy already went in on both Nicki and her alleged pedophile brother.

Maraj, who is currently on trial for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl, has maintained his innocence, despite the fact that his semen was found on the victim’s pajama pants.

According to Bossip, Nassau Assistant District Attorney Emma Slane stated that the 12-year-old told prosecutors that when she didn’t go along with what Jelani Maraj wanted, he would resort to rape threats and physical violence.

“He would make several threats to her. If she resisted in any way, he would threaten to engage in a### intercourse with her, which she said would hurt her,” said Slane.

Apparently the victim’s younger sibling had walked in on the abuse before also where he warned the sibling not to tell anyone before slapping the kid in the face.

“These children were in fear of him,” said Slane.

The fact that the defense is trying to argue that his semen could’ve gotten on her pants just because they live in the same house, and the fact that he’s trying to argue that she was sexually active anyway makes me say that dude is sick and GUILTY!

Nicki come get your brother man.